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Nature and "creation of art by capture" is how the Pollen Series has developed over the past four years in my driveway on the side of my house in front of the garage. Creation by capture is a term I coined and first used in the pages of my MFA thesis, Yielders, while at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Pollen, the series of images can only been created in the Springtime when the pollen starts to coat everything in sight. Roofs, cars, and sidewalks are covered with pollen, with my driveway being my palette for the Pollen Series. The driveway is where the action takes place; and yes, my neighbors think I am a little strange. But I am an artist, so strange is good. Right?

One Spring afternoon I got tired of my blue car being covered in yellow pollen and decided to rinse the pollen off. When I finished, I noticed the pollen and water had an organic interaction on the black asphalt and the pollen made patterns in the ebb and flow of the water. It initially reminded me of moonscapes or images from space of landscapes on earth. I was motivated.

I ran into the house and grabbed the first camera I could put my hands on. Then, I went back to study these strange anomalies to find the right angles to capture. Hence, the term, creation by capture.

For four years now I have joyously welcomed the pollen with water hose and camera ready.

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