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Alaska: A New Experience

I took my first trip to Anchorage, Alaska, during my summer holiday. Anchorage has a hybrid kind of vibe. Outside of being one of the most naturally beautiful cities and areas I have ever visited, surrounded by ranges of snow-capped mountains, Anchorage is part hippie town, part suburban outdoorsman’s paradise, part urban city on the move. A nice gumbo and very laid back. The long time residents are called ‘Sourdoughs’ because they like to hike, fish, kayack and love the cold weather. For more slang see: My internal clock was thrown way off due to sunset was usually after midnight. On a few days I lost track of time during after dinner conversations. I would look outside and see the sun shining bright, then a glance at the clock and it would read 10:30pm. Tourist as I was indeed, I took advantage of the touristy things to do. A visit to Potter Marsh, Seward, Portage Glacier, Wasilla (Sarah Palin’s hometown) and Whittier all made my impromptu list of places to visit and photograph. My next trip to Alaska should be during the winter months so I can experience Alaska as most people think of the place. Cold. However, that way I might be able to see and photograph the Northern Lights.

Portage Glacier, Portage, Alaska

Moose Crossing sign in Wasilla

Waronzof Point, Anchorage, Alaska

Potter Marsh, Anchorage

Baluga Point

Anchorage Seward Highway

Seward, Alaska

Potter Marsh, Anchorage

Ptarmigan Ferry Boat in Portage, Alaska

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